I´m about to construct a simple variant of a rubber vulcanizer.  I measured the temperature of the household iron with an infrared thermometer, I assumed that an iron would have the temperature that I needed for the construction.The temperature was in the silk
around 260 F and the cotton around 480 F.                  The temperature range for the press should be between 300-340 degrees F

I found a suitable iron (Philips Diva), with out the steam function and only 1000 watts, which was good when the two iron should be paralell connected, then what it appears to be normal that they were at 1400 watts, and when the common 10 amps fuse is not enough.                         (Not in the 220 volt system) Europe.
I cut two pieces of aluminum plates 6x150x210mm that supposed to be a pressure plate. 
I sawed off the tips of the irons and fitted them with tiny M4 studs on opposite press plate.



All parts are manufactured and ready for test fitting. Both irons linked together via the thermostat on one of the irons and the other is disconnected completely and become a spare part.

Bent two 1 mm aluminum sheets around the pressure plates, now that these will form the cabinet to the press. The lower plate is 130 mm and the upper plate 80 mm wide. Before the irons mounted on the press plates I coat
on heat conductive paste on them.
 Found a graphite paste in a electronics store that can withstand heat up to

 610 degrees F and thermal conductivity of 10.5 W / mK. (5ml). Four M6 threaded rods with a length of 250 mm is screwed into the lower pressure plate so they get a protrusion of at least180 mm. Took out the switch from a power strip, they are not expensive to sacrifice a power strip than to buy a loose switch, they're also easier to find. They are almost in any grocery store. There is no necessity to have the switch but I filed out a hole in the bottom part and pushed one in .




Before I put anything in the upper compression plate, I drilled a 4mm hole
 into the center of it to mount the thermometer sensor
Found a food thermometer to fit
. A common digital meat thermometers
oven thermometers does not work, then it is the sensor in some cases 
570 degrees but the thermometer limit is approximately 265 degrees F.

Mounted apart the thermometer and transmitter tube, bent it 90 degrees 
and mounted it back together again. The thermostat remains in the iron 
that sits in the upper press plate, including the housing of the iron is
put back to use the original temperature knob. Knob attachment
approximately 0.5 mm above the upper pressure plate cover.
Connects  the electricity cables and mount the thermometer.
Ready for the first test!